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Page revised on 8 April, 2002


Our recent publications

Kuzevanov V.Ya. News article "Keep a Green Tree in Your Heart: Development of the Irkutsk Botanic Garden as recreational and tourist zone", Science First Hand, No. 1, Vol. 13 (2007), pp. 10-11 (photos of V.A.Korotkoruchko)

(in English)

(in Russian)




Kuzevanov V.Ya., Sizykh S.V. Review "Botanic Gardens Resources: Tangible and Intangible Aspects of Linking Biodiversity and Human Well-Being", Hiroshima Peace Science Journal, 28 (2006), pp. 113-134  (in English)
The review inspired by the UNITAR
workshop in Hiroshima in 2006

Sizykh S.V., Kuzevanov V.Ya., Belozerskaya S.I., Peskov V.P. The Horticultural Therapy: Botanic Gardens Resources for Social Adaptation and Rehabilitation. Educational Reference Manual.Irkutsk: Irkutsk State University Publishing House, 2006.- 48 p. (in Russian)
http://bogard.isu.ru/books/ht_2006.pdf (2 Mb)
http://bogard.isu.ru/ht_download_e.htm (web)

Kuzevanov V.Ya., Sizykh S.V. University botanic garden as an educational resource for the Baikal region (Siberia): tangible and intangible aspects. In: The Nature of Success: Success for Nature, Proceedings of the 6th International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens,10th–14th September, 2006. Oxford (In English)
http://www.bgci.org/educationcongress/proceedings/Authors/Sizykh,%20Svetlana%20-%20AS.pdf (440 Kb)
http://bogard.isu.ru/articles/oxford_2006/Sizykh_S-AS.pdf (443 Kb) 

Kuzevanov V.Ya., Sizykh S.V. Resources of the Botanic Garden of Irkutsk State University: Scientific, Educational and Socio-Ecological Aspects. Irkutsk: Irkutsk State University Publishing House, 2005.- 243 p. (in Russian)
http://bogard.isu.ru/books/bgisu_resources_eng.pdf (2 Mb, short English summary
5 Mb, full Russian version)  

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Irkutsk, 664039, Russia

Phone/FAX: +7-(395-2)-387476   Fax: +7-(395-2)-242238 or 426610
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