To Kerry ten Kate <K.tenKate@rbgkew.org.uk>

Coordinator, Pilot Project on Policy for Botanic Gardens on
Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing,
Conventions and Policy Section,
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Richmond, Surrey London TW93AE, UK
Tel: 0181 332 5742
Fax: 0181 332 5757


Dear Kerry,

I write, on behalf of the [Board of Trustees][Directors] of the [please enter name of Participating Garden] botanic garden, to inform you that the management of our garden has now adopted the Common Policy Guidelines that the participants agreed in Beijing on 19 May 1999, as set out in your letter dated 5 June 1999. We will abide by these Common Policy Guidelines until further notice, and are happy to be listed as a Participating Garden

in Annex 1.

We would appreciate being kept informed about any follow-up meetings at which the Participating Gardens may decide to alter the language of the Common Policy Guidelines, such as the meeting proposed for October 2000 in Cartagena. In the mean-time, we hope to remain in touch with you and with other Participating Gardens to share our respective experiences on implementation of the Common Policy Guidelines.

Yours sincerely,

[Insert signature and name of Director of Garden, or other

representative of the Garden's Governing Body]


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